The Premier is an elected official, head of the Government of the Virgin Islands and leader of the Territory. The Premier is a member of Cabinet, National Security Council and House of Assembly. The Premier is the leader of government business who coordinates the development and implementation of government's legislative agenda across ministries and statutory bodies.

The Premier’s Office is the lead ministry within the Public Service of the Virgin Islands. The ministry provides strategic and administrative support to the Premier. The ministry coordinates and manages the work of Government to ensure the successful formulation and implementation of ministerial and cross-ministerial government policies and programmes throughout the Territory.



The Premier’s Office is comprised of highly trained, empowered team players who enjoy equal opportunity for advancement and job fulfilment. The ministry delivers courteous, professional services using documented policies and procedures and state of the art technology while sharing accurate and timely information.


To serve as the focal point for coordinating cross-sectorial policies and programmes and promoting the sustainable development of the Virgin Islands to ensure a well-informed, prosperous, cohesive and stable society.

Core Values

The Premier’s Office is committed to the following:

  1. Striving to be fair and consistent when performing our duties
  2. Aspiring to be competent, effective and productive in public service delivery
  3. Nurturing mutual respect and understanding among the staff and the public
  4. Upholding standards of honesty and fairness when performing duties


The main responsibilities of the Premier's Office include:

A.    Cross-Ministerial Coordination and Policy Leadership 

  1. Formulating and coordinating policies on specific matters of national development
  1. Providing central cross-sectorial coordination and monitoring Government’s strategic priorities.

B.    Physical and National Development Planning

  1. Ensuring that all lands in the Territory are properly utilised and managed, in accordance with development guidelines.

C.    Cross-Border Movement Management and National Security  

  1. Ensuring that all non-belongers entering the Territory qualify as desirable visitors and that their residence, employment and business activities are monitored and controlled.

D.    Trade Facilitation, Market and Business Development and Investment Promotion

  1. Encouraging and supporting measures to develop and promote trade and industry and protect consumers through the development of standards and guidelines to improve business practices.
  1. Promoting sound private investment and balanced growth in the trading and industrial sectors.

E.    International Ship Registration

  1. Developing and operating an efficient, reputable and viable registry of ships and seafarers.
  1. Implementing and enforcing applicable safety, security and pollution prevention regulations on all Virgin Islands ships worldwide and all vessels operation or plying the territorial waters of the Virgin Islands.

F.    International Relationship

  1. Ensuring that all regional/international recommendations into the Territory is consistent with national policy and programmes
  1. Providing advance intelligence to Government, and acting as the focal point for initial diplomatic contact, coordination, policy and agreement on all international, economic, social, political and other matters that pertain to the interest of the Virgin Islands.

G.    Tourism Product Development and Promotion

  1. Liaising with the Tourist Board to develop and promote Tourism.
  1. Fostering, developing and promoting a sustainable tourism industry for the British Virgin Islands through retaining and showcasing the values, heritage, culture, and natural beauty of the islands.

H.    Information Management/Public Awareness

  1. Managing communication content and ensuring information delivery in order to maintain transparency, accountability and public participation in the work and initiatives of the government. 

I.    National Statistics

  1. Monitoring, researching, collecting and reporting statistical data on the performance of the Virgin Islands’ economy including output, growth, income and employment, interest rates, prices; and short-term and long-term structural changes.

Ministry Subjects

The Premier is an elected official, head of the Government of the Virgin Islands and leader of the Territory. The Premier is the highest political level that can be obtained in the Virgin Islands. The Premier is a member of Cabinet, National Security Council and House of Assembly. As the leader of government business, the Premier oversees the coordination of all ministries, and provides policy leadership in strengthening the Government's overall capacity to serve the public.


33 Admin Drive
Third Floor 
Central Administration Complex
East Wing 
Road Town, Tortola
Virgin Islands (British)

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday  
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Telephone: 1(284) 468-2152
​Fax: 1(284) 468-3294