Since 1967, a ministerial system of government, headed by a chief minister, was instituted in the Territory of the Virgin Islands. As such, policies were made by an Executive Council, which was headed by the Governor, the Queen’s representative.

Decades later, the Territory saw the introduction of a Cabinet form of government with the passage of The Virgin Islands Constitution Order 2007 which took effect on 15th June. The Territory had advanced politically. Cabinet is the authority above all Ministries, Departments, Statutory Boards, Enterprises and Agencies of Government, except where it is clearly stated.

Unlike the Executive Council which was served by the Governor’s Office, the Cabinet is serviced by a Constitutional Department which reports to the Governor and the Premier. The Cabinet Office is a separate department of Government and it is headed by the Cabinet Secretary, who must, according to the Virgin Islands Constitution, be selected by the Premier and appointed by the Governor. The holder of the post must be a public officer and a Virgin Islander, in accordance with the Virgin Islands Constitution Order, 2007.