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5 December 2016 - 3:53pm

Effective January 1, 2017, the Town and Country Planning Department will be adhering to the published fee schedule for applications for the development of property in the British Virgin Islands.

From January 1, 2017, the department will be implementing the collection of development application fees in accordance with the fee schedule as defined by law. This marks a reversal of the policy where development application fees were capped at $500 regardless of the size of the development.

Chief Planner, Mr. Greg Adams stated that the use of the published fee schedule is not an increase in fees, and will not affect the fees on small and medium sized affordable housing, but rather, would impact larger development applications.

He explained, “For example, for residential developments, the applicant would have to submit a proposal for a home of just over 6,000 square feet in order for the application fee to exceed $500. A home of this size would cost in the vicinity of $1,000,000 to construct.”

The department has embarked on a sensitisation campaign to educate the public on the laws regarding development fees; and to help stakeholders understand the importance of being compliant, and encouraging cooperation from their clients with the payment of the fees.

As part of the sensitisation, the Town and Country Planning Department will be reaching out directly to their network of architects, engineers and contractors in the Territory regarding the published fee schedule.

Mr. Adams said, “We consider architects, contractors, along with civil and structural engineers, as our essential partners who will ensure that their clients are aware of the published fee schedule for development and how they will be applied.”

The Town and Country Planning Department remains committed to pursue a sustainable development in the Territory through the conceptualisation and preparation of inclusive development plans that achieve the best use of the Territory’s land resources while encompassing the principles of the environmental and social responsibility.


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Published Fee Schedule attached.
Photo Caption: Chief Planner, Mr. Greg Adams is pictured as he discussed the use of the published fee schedule during a GIS Radio Report interview. (Photo Credit: Dorian Hodge/GIS) 
Audio Clip of Chief Planner, Mr. Greg Adams.




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