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Thursday, 29 October 2015 - 1:45pm

Thirty-three public officers received additional training in professional protocol, diplomatic communication skills and other competencies following a four day training session held earlier this month.

 The sessions were organised by the Government of the Virgin Islands and were designed to develop a cadre of trained and experienced officers to guarantee the best guest experience when the Territory hosts regional and international conferences, meetings and summits.

Director of the International Affairs Secretariat, Ms. Sylvia C. Moses, said that she was satisfied to see the training initiative implemented in the British Virgin Islands.

She said, “I am pleased that this training took place and I am even more pleased to see thirty-three public officers showing interest in the area of international protocol.”  

Ms. Moses noted that the training met the participants’ expectations as they were given an opportunity to learn new skills such as enhancing their protocol skills, refining their personal and professional image, as well as their diplomatic etiquette.

The Director also noted that this type of training will not only add to the individual professional development of participants, but to the product offering of the Territory as a conference and meeting venue.

The training was conducted by Mrs. Dusha Barbara Vidanovich, LLB, MDip, a former career diplomat and an international authority on international protocol, diplomatic etiquette and professional communication skills expert. The training session on International Protocol was held from Tuesday, October 13, to Friday, October 16,

The training objectives included the enhancement of authority and professional image, sharpened one to one and public communication skills, increased confidence in public relations, and excellence when working in international cross-cultural environment.  

The liaison officers recently participated in official events hosted by the Government of the Virgin Islands. These include regional and international conferences such as the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA) and European Union (EU) Forum; the Caribbean Postal Union 18th Annual Conference; the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) Annual Information and Communications Week. 


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