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Premier's Office
Good Governance
Release Date:
Thursday, 25 April 2024 - 3:52pm

The Government of the Virgin Islands is advancing work towards completing the implementation of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) recommendations and has appointed Mr. Kedrick Malone to lead the initiative.

Mr. Malone was appointed Ministerial Adviser in the capacity of Governance Reform Delivery Manager, Chief Adviser to the Premier, and Director of Strategy and Effectiveness with effect from April 2 until March 2027.

Mr. Malone’s role, which is inclusive of operating as the COI Delivery Manager, is to ensure that the Premier’s Office delivers the Government's commitment to implementation of the recommendations of the COI within the committed timeframe. He will also function as the Chair of the COI Steering Committee meetings, and oversee the work of the COI Implementation Unit which tracks and manages the implementation process working with ministries.

Mr. Malone is also responsible for ensuring that adjustments originating from the implementation of recommendations are aligned and institutionalised in accordance with the Government's reform and constitutional agendas.

He stated, “It is an honour and privilege to serve the Territory at this crucial time as we work to overcome the challenges presented by the COI. I thank Premier Wheatley for his confidence in me and pledge to do all I can to help the Territory get back on its feet.”

In Mr. Malone’s capacity as COI Delivery Manager, his work with the newly established Tripartite Project Groups which consist of Ministers, the Deputy Governor, Junior Ministers, and senior public officers across ministries, will be prioritised. The officers will be responsible for ensuring policy and operational coherence across government, foster collaboration between ministries, share policies and plans, and collectively resolve issues with implementing recommendations and reforms.

Prior to this appointment, Mr. Malone served in several capacities including Permanent Secretary in the Premier’s Office, Strategy and Policy Advisor for the Disaster Recovery Coordinating Committee, Director of the Financial Services Implementation Unit, Executive Director of BVI Finance and the Director of the BVI London Office & UK-EU Representative.

 Mr. Malone’s experience also includes acting as Strategy and Policy consultant on public sector transformation for the Government of the Virgin Islands and computerising civil records for the Governments of the Virgin Islands and Montserrat. 

Mr. Malone holds a Master of Business Administration with concentration in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and a Bachelor of Business Administration, major in Management.

The Government of the Virgin Islands remains resolute in the promotion of the overall development of the Territory through commitment and sustainable transformation.



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