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Office of the Deputy Governor
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015 - 4:30pm

Leaders across Government have been urged to empower and motivate their teams.

His Excellency the Governor, Mr. John S. Duncan, OBE, in an address at the launch of the Department of Human Resources Public Service Excellence Award programme earlier this week, encouraged team managers to effectively lead and manage their teams.

This he said will empower officers to do better. He also invited all public servants, including those located on the sister islands, to participate in the Public Service Excellence Award programme. 

Governor Duncan said, “Nominate people you see trying to improve.  Celebrate their success and encourage those who strive to be better. This is an opportunity for you all to celebrate the wonderful, diverse, vibrant, and dynamic organisation to which you belong.  It is also an opportunity to help us to be stronger.”

While outlining the benefits of the programme, the Governor stated that it was his belief that with the continued support of the Government and the hard working men and women of the public service, the programme can be meaningful and successful.

He said that he hoped members of the public service, as well as the BVI community at large, will take away a fuller understanding of what the present initiatives mean for them.

Governor Duncan also paid tribute to public officers reminding them that their jobs are not always easy. He said public servants work with limited resources and are asked to meet the Territory’s ever growing demand for public services and to satisfy increased expectations.

“You do not work for personal enrichment,” Governor Duncan said, adding, “No one joins the public service for that, but the satisfaction which comes from serving your community and your country and making the world a better place. I applaud your efforts, and encourage you to continue performing at your very best”

The Public Service Excellence Award Programme is an Employee Recognition Programme administered by the Department of Human Resources.  It aims to improve employee morale and award exceptional performance.

Awards can be received in eight categories.  They are Leadership in Excellence, Personal and Professional Excellence, Service to Clients, Administrative Support, Volunteer Service, Organisational Development, Scientific/Engineering or Technological Achievements and Heroism.

The Government of the Virgin Islands strives to create a culture of appreciation and celebration through various awards and recognition programmes.


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