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Office of the Deputy Governor
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Wednesday, 31 October 2018 - 9:01am

A programme designed to recognise exceptional public officers while allowing the Public Service to better serve its clients will be launched in November.

The Public Service Customer Service Virtual Mailbox ‘Virtual Mailbox’ which focuses on exceptional performance recognition will be implemented initially in nine customer-facing departments, and is designed to answer the question, ‘How did we serve our clients?’

The programme will be launched on Monday, November 12 in the Breezeway of the Central Administration Complex at 10:00 a.m. with the focus being on the following departments:  Motor Vehicles, Labour, Immigration, HM Customs, Youth Affairs and Sports, Water and Sewerage, Social Development, Trade, Investment Promotion and Consumer Affairs and the Civil Registry and Passport Office. 

Deputy Governor Mr. David D. Archer, Jr. said that the Virtual Mailbox is the Public Service’s answer to recognising exceptional performing employees. He said at a time like this, especially following the storms, persons who are going far and beyond the cause must be recognised. “We must find a way by which the clients that they serve are able to say, ‘I have been served well,’ Mr. Archer, Jr. said.

The programme will also capture objections. “Naturally, the flip side of the programme is that you can complain, but the focus of this programme is to have the public write about persons who have served them well,” Mr. Archer said. This will allow the service to present an opportunity to help public officers improve their service through training, coaching or even exposure to Employee Relations Support if there are work-related or personal factors affecting the customer service of the employee.

This Virtual Mailbox is about recognition, developing and promoting a public service culture of excellent service.

Members of the public are invited to complete the short electronic feedback form upon completion of their service at the location or online in their own time.  Public officers receiving five or more commendations will be entered into an exclusive ‘Star Membership Club’ which advances from Bronze, Silver, and Gold status to an Elite status when achieving 30 commendations.  The goal is for public officers to receive Elite membership.

The Deputy Governor further added, “I am of the firm belief, that we have some of the brightest minds and the most amazing public officers in the service that can, will and actually serve the public well.  The Customer Service Virtual Mailbox recognises that effort, especially in the current climate as we transform the Public Service.”

The Public Service Customer Service Virtual Mailbox provides a source of transparency and accountability in the area of customer service as the Public Service transforms to attain ‘Public Service Excellence’.

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