Press Release

Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports
Release Date:
Monday, 29 December 2014 - 9:30am

Parents and guardians of students attending the Elmore Stoutt High School are being informed that the Education Act 2004 Section 18 and 19 will be fully enforced when school reopens in January 2015.

According to Principal Sandy Underhill, the Act is being enforced as a means to hold the school accountable for providing the information that binds parents and students to the rules.

Mrs. Underhill said, “It is being enforced to hold all stakeholders accountable for their responsibilities under the Act. Additionally, the act is being enforced as a means to change the climate and culture of the school and to restore discipline and create an atmosphere where learning can be nurtured successfully. “

Parents and students are therefore reminded that Section 18 of the Act states that every student enrolled in a public or assisted private school shall observe the code of conduct and other rules and policies of the Ministry and of the school, attend classes regularly and punctually, participate in the educational programmes in which the student is enrolled, and be diligent in pursuing the prescribed curriculum.

Students are also to observe standards approved by the Chief Education Officer or the principal, as the case may be, with respect to cleanliness and tidiness of their person, general deportment, attire, courtesy and respect of the rights of other persons.

Meanwhile, Section 19 of the Act holds every student accountable to the teacher for his conduct on the school premises during school hours and during such hours as the teacher is in charge of the student in class or while engaged in authorizes school activities conducted outside of school hours. The student is also accountable to the principal for his general deportment and conduct at any time that he is under the supervision of the school and members of the teaching staff, including the time spent in travelling between the school and his place of residence.

Further, section 19 (2) of the Act states that every student shall be under the general direction and control of the driver of the school bus, if the driver is an employee of or on contract with the Ministry, and any person under whose supervision students are placed on the authority of the Chief Education Officer, in respect of the student’s general behavior and deportment on a school bus, or while under supervision, as the case may be.

Principal Underhill said that there are several initiatives planned for the 2015 school year. These she said include revision and implementation of a student handbook with contract to hold parents and students accountable for the Code of Conduct Discipline Protocol which will outline 3 levels of infractions and the protocol and possible consequences. The aim she said is to reduce the number of discipline issues that go to principals.

Also in January, rigorous campus monitoring will be extended from inside the campus to the gate entrance to ensure uniform compliance, and prevent students from loitering at the gate.