Press Release

Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports
Release Date:
Tuesday, 30 December 2014 - 2:45pm

Administrators at the Elmore Stoutt High School have announced that there will be strict adherence to the school’s dress code when the institution reopens on January 5.

This comes as the school’s officials continue to notify parents and guardians of the changes to take place at the high school during the 2015 school year.

Parents are therefore urged to partner with the school in ensuring that their students adhere to the school’s dress code as any violation will be met with the strictest enforcement of the consequences laid out in the Code of Conduct.

 The code states that male students attending the Elmore Stoutt High School are to wear navy blue trousers without designs or lettering. There should be no cell phone pockets and trousers must not be oversized. Shirts must be light blue, short sleeves with collar and buttons down the front. Socks are to be black or navy while black leather style belts must be worn.

Male students hair should be low, well-groomed haircut without designs. Any male student growing his hair must have a medical reason or a note that clearly explains why his hair cannot be cut. Only students whose religion is Rastafarianism are permitted to lock their hair and it must be noted on their school record. A watch may also be worn by male students; however earrings in the ears or on school shirts and twigs in the ears after piercing are not permitted.

The dress code further outlines that female students are to wear navy blue skirts with knife pleats that are below the knee (rear and front view) in length. The waist should be no more than 2 inches wide with 7 inch zippers and 1 or 2 buttons or hooks in the back. No wrap skirts or pants will be accepted. The blouse is light blue, short sleeves with collar and buttons down the front. Polo shirts or polo type material will not be permitted. Female students are to wear white socks without design or frills. Ankle socks and socks pulled down into the shoes will not be allowed.

The guidelines also stipulate that the female students’ hair should be the natural hair colour. Hair braids should be no longer than shoulder length, while hair accessories should be navy blue, light blue, white or black. A watch may be worn and one small pair of knob earrings in the lower lobe of the ear. Nail designs, polish and acrylic nails will not be permitted.

All students must wear black shoes or black sneakers with black strings.  Colourful logos or sole and strappy ballet shoes will not be permitted in the new school year.  Students are also reminded that shaved or designed eyebrows, make-up, visible tattoos or body piercings would not be allowed (except for that in the lower ear lobe for girls).

In the area of Physical Education (PE), the code outlines that all students must wear light Blue PE Shirts and navy blue PE short pants with white socks and white sneakers. Students who have not received PE uniforms will be allowed to wear light blue or white t’shirts. 

As the school’s administrators move to hold parents and guardians more accountable, students who violate the dress code must have written and signed notes from their parents clearly giving a valid reason for the violation. On receipt of the note, the student will be issued a uniform pass that will serve as an excuse.

 Acting Principal Mrs. Sandy Underhill said, “The aim of the implementation of the new measures is to change the climate and culture at the Elmore Stoutt High School, to restore discipline and create an atmosphere where learning can be nurtured successfully.”