Press Release

Office of the Deputy Governor
Release Date:
Friday, 19 October 2018 - 1:48pm

A report penned by the Deputy Governor, David D. Archer Jr. highlighting the activities, programmes and initiatives executed by his office has been made public.

Mr. Archer said, “The 6 month report gives readers an insight on the plans for the transformation of the Public Service, and how the implementation of the initiatives and behavioural changes outlined will contribute to a vibrant and sustainable economy.”

The 43 page report dated March to August 2018 illustrates that public officers are actively engaged in the execution of the transformation plan. To this end, the Deputy Governor’s Office led the first ever Public Service Visioning Day which gave senior officers an opportunity to plan what the service would look like in the future. Other meetings led by the office during the period were eGovernment Steering Committee meetings and Heads of Departments meetings.

The report also speaks to the policies that were advanced to the Cabinet by the Deputy Governor’s Office team.  These polices were revised or implemented to gear towards greater efficiency, improved customer service and the overall strategic direction of the Public Service.

The Deputy Governor explained how he utilised the traditional tools of monthly messages and circulars to communicate and engage with public officers on relevant topics relating to public service excellence and professional development.  He also maintains a presence on social media, a platform that is used to update the community on matters relating to the office.

Mr. Archer Jr. attended international and regional meetings which have aided in presenting opportunities for training, gathering information, gaining exposure to new and exciting ways to conduct business for the public, networking and establishing lasting partnerships.

He also made media appearances on local networks and other forms of speaking and community engagement to keep the public abreast of Public Service initiatives.

The Deputy Governor’s ‘Six-Months In Office Report’ will be another tool used to inform the community about the activities and initiatives executed by his office for the period. Persons are encouraged to read the entire report here on the Government’s website or using this direct link  

            For questions or to further discuss the details of the report, please contact Ms. Kedimone Rubaine, Private Secretary to the Deputy Governor by sending an email directly to


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