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Wednesday, 8 May 2019 - 11:02am

The Virgin Islands Civil Service Association (CSA) has selected its “interim” body to forge the way forward on behalf of public officers.

Acting in accordance with 7.4 (d) of the CSA’s constitution, an “interim” executive has been duly elected. During an extraordinary meeting held Tuesday, 7th May, 2019 with Full Members of the Association, nominations were taken and suitable candidates were elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the CSA. The purpose for an interim Executive Committee is to ensure the continuity of the Association and its mandates.

The newly elected body is as follows:

President Sasha Flax

Vice President  Joshua Edwards 

Secretary Subrina Herbert

Assistant Secretary  Kishann Brathwaite

Treasurer  Sharona Pickering

Public Relations  Linton Leonard

Trustees Pasha Stoutt and Dawn Leonard

According to the CSA’s constitution, the Executive body also includes the immediate past president. The most recent president is Tasha Bertie.

With noted excitement, the newly elected President Sasha Flax said, “I am elated to be able to serve the Virgin Islands Civil Service Association in this capacity. With my executive board, we look forward to making notable recommendations to enhance the Public Service.”

She continued by saying, “The CSA seeks to uphold the highest values of professional service to the Territory, through competent and committed persons, whose genuine interests are affirmed through membership in this association.”

This newly elected body will function until the CSA’s Annual General Election, which will be held on Tuesday, 12th November, 2019.

Note:  Full Members- These are Government employees who have registered membership and have paid dues.

Attachment: Photo of CSA New Executive Body - Photo by Dylan Penn, CSA member


Linton Leonard

Public Relations Officer
Office of the House of Assembly
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