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27 May 2019 - 12:38pm

Students at the Ebenezer Thomas Primary School and the Enid Scatliffe Pre-Primary Schools joined their counterparts across the Territory and observed “Career Day” on Friday, May 24.

Students of both institutions dressed as future career professionals such as doctors, nurses, policemen and construction workers.

Every year guidance officers lead the charge in organising this event with the purpose of fostering and instilling the importance of core values such as integrity, honesty and collaboration among students.  

Career expositions are said to provide memorable experiences for students, teachers and parents alike, which provide teaching lessons as well as a fun experience.

Guidance Officers also make arrangements for students of the Grade Six level to participate in the “Take your Child to Work Day” to give these students an all-day experience with their respective parents in the work place.  During this time, parents are encouraged to have their son or daughter accompany them or a family member to work in a career field of his or her choice.

Career Day is said to be an innovative learning experience which encourages students to explore their interests and passions as an extension of their academic programme and in the process better understand themselves, their community, and the world.


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