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Members of the public often make requests for special services.

The Department of Information and Public Relations also provides many of its services to the public through assisting other Government bodies under three main areas;

  • Publication and Print Production
  • Broadcast Production
  • Public Relations, Advertising and Promotion

Please contact the Department if you have a special request.

Yes, you have a right to know why your application has been denied

Yes. You must seek permission in writing if you wish to use a recreational facility. This must be addressed to the Chairman of the Recreation Trust.
Qualified persons who are deemed to belong to the Virgin Islands in accordance with section 2(2) of the Virgin Islands Constitution are given first preference before the appointment of non-Virgin Islanders. In rare cases, non-Virgin Islanders may be hired (appointed) when there are no qualified Virgin Islanders available, unless the appointment is prohibited by law.
Once you are employed and receiving an income, you are subject to pay taxes on the first dollar after earning $10,000.00.