Consulting services are advisory in nature, and are generally performed at the specific request of an engagement client.


Step 1: A formal request is made to the Director of Internal Audit requesting a consulting engagement for the subject manner or area of concern.

Step 2: The client is notified that their request will be considered by the Director and the Internal Audit Advisory Committee.

Step 3: If approved, the consulting engagement is included in the internal audit annual plan (this plan is flexible, therefore, some requests maybe included in the current year based on the prioritization. If not included in the current audit plan, the engagement is included in the next year’s audit plan). If the request for audit is not approved, the department requesting the engagement is notified.

Step 4: An engagement correspondence is sent to the audit client outlining the terms and conditions of the engagement and an agreement is signed by the client once the terms and conditions are agreed.

Step 5: An entrance conference is conducted with the client to finalized engagement expectations and plans and to introduce the audit team.

Step 6: Engagement is undertaken and consulting deliverables are completed (a draft report is prepared, if necessary).

Step 7: Consulting results are discussed or communicated with the client and the client considers any advice provided as agreed upon.

Method of Applying

Formal correspondence (letter or memo) is the preferred method of applying. However, informal or oral request will also be considered based on the Director’s assessment of the nature of the information provided.

Turn Around Time

Varies based on the nature of the request, the risk factors involved and the availability of resources.

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