Office of the Governor
Release Date:
Monday, 22 February 2021 - 5:47pm

Governor John Rankin's Statement on Crime

22 February, 2021

As Governor of the British Virgin Islands, I share the concern of all in the community regarding the recent murders that have taken place.

Under the Constitution, the security of these Islands is my responsibility.

I will aim to provide any extra resource necessary to the Police Commissioner to ensure effective investigations into the murders, so that those responsible will be held to account and brought before the courts. This must be the top priority of the RVIPF.

At the same time I have agreed with the Police Commissioner that RVIP officers will be further deployed in tackling organised crime and drugs on these islands.

The RVIPF has already initiated a high-profile operation increasing its presence on the streets day and night. This has already been met with a positive response from many members of the community and has increased information reaching the force.

While the British Virgin Islands remain one of the safest places in the region, the violence and deaths caused by such crime afflicts the whole community.

No effort must be spared in strengthening our security, including our border security, preventing those responsible for such violence and loss of life from continuing their criminal activities. I encourage anyone in the community who has information on those involved in drugs trafficking, illegal firearms and organised crime to bring it to the attention of the authorities.

This will continue to my top priority as Governor and I ask all in BVI to join me in a firm resolve to help ensure an end to the unacceptable events of recent days