Publication Date: 
Thursday, 16 December 2021

Ecosystem accounts provide economic evidence that supports the delivery of sustainable value from environmental assets. Effective management of the environment must consider the extent and underlying condition of ecosystems over time, as well as the range of benefits they provide and the economic value of those benefits to different stakeholder groups. Specifically, the data in ecosystem accounts can help address 

several fundamental questions for policy and planning. 

For ecosystem accounts to be a valuable addition to government and organisational policy and planning strategy, they should be embedded into the decision-making process, and updated on an annual basis both to provide current data and to monitor trends over time. A partnership of EFTEC, the UK Joint Nature 

Conservation Committee (JNCC), the New Economics Foundation, and BVI’s Ministry of Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration with Darwin Plus funding from the UK Government, have initiated this process in BVI and it is hoped that with support, full ownership of the accounting process is handed over to the Government 

of BVI by Q1 2022.