Collection of Import Duties (Airport & Seaport)


Step 1:  The Captain/Agent presents the Customs Declaration form to the Customs Officer;  and are asked required questions.

Step 2:  Duties are assessed (based on the responses).

Step 3:  The Captain/Agent is given an invoice to make payment (if duties are assessed).

Step 4:  If duties are assessed and the Captain/Agent is OK to go, payment must be made immediately to the cashier.

Step 5:  The Captain/Agent receives a receipt of the payment.    

Step 6:  If there are large packages the Captain/Agent will return to the Customs Officer, show the receipt and will be allowed to take the packages.

Step 7:  If a Captain/Agent does not make payment, he or she will later be contacted by Customs to make payment.


Supporting Documents

No supporting documents are needed.

Method of Applying

In Person

Turn Around Time


Additional Notes


Department Contact Information

His Majesty's Customs

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