The Division works collaboratively with other government agencies to ensure that septic tanks and mechanical sewage treatment systems are adequately designed for proposed development.


Step 1:  After applicant submits their septic tank and soak-away design and specification to the Town and Country Planning Department, the Environmental Health Division is consulted on the design and specific details of the proposed wastewater disposal system.

Step 2:  The Division reviews the designed sewage and wastewater treatment and disposal system proposed and makes recommendations.

Step 3:  The Division visits the development site to conduct further assessments where necessary.

Step 4:  The applicant is required to notify the Division seven days in advance of commencing construction of the system.

Step 5:  The Division continues monitoring of the sewage and wastewater system while under construction and makes recommendations for modification where necessary.

Supporting Documents

Septic tank and soak-away design and specifications

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