The Environmental Health Division conducts investigations of any reported case of infectious disease as well as an outbreak of illnesses resulting from food poisoning, parasitic infestation, vector-borne disease, personal hygiene deficiency, overcrowded living condition, and/or poor environmental sanitation.


Step 1:  The Environmental Health Division receives information concerning a case of infectious diseases or an outbreak either directly from patient, the patient's doctor or via the Disease Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

Step 2:  An Investigating Officer from the Division makes contact with the patient and in some cases the entity or culprit for example the food establishment suspected of causing the outbreak.

Step 3:  The Officer collects vital data to the investigation process, which includes but is not limited to conducting interviews, inspections, and collection and analysis of samples.  "Contact Tracing" is also conducted when necessary.

Step 4:  Where necessary, the Officer will inform patients and/or the culprit of their findings and conclusions.

Step 5:  The team leader of the investigation compiles a final report at the end of the investigation.

Method of Applying

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Environmental Health

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