This service is for nationalities requiring a Virgin Islands VISA for entry and/or work purposes.

VISA Requirements for the Virgin Islands


Step 1:  Applicant submits visa applications by emailing

Step 2:  Application is reviewed to verify that all documents have been submitted.

Step 3:   Provided all documents are in order, a request for payment is emailed back to the Applicant or (Applicant is notified of any additional documents or adjustments necessary)

Step 4:   Fee is collected from customer and application is accepted.

Step 5:  Application is forwarded for further assessment and final decision.

Step 6:  Once a decision has been made, the visa is issued and returned by email, if approved or customer is notified of refusal by email.

Supporting Documents

It is imperative to note that all visa applications are subject to approval. Further note that all documents produced in foreign languages (e.g. Spanish, French etc.) must be accompanied by a certified English translation. All foreign supporting documents should be apostilled (legalized) and notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in relevant home country. Please be advised that the Civil Registry & Passport Office reserves the right to request further documentation following the review of the application if the need arises.


Method of Applying


Turn Around Time

4 weeks (provided all documents are in order) Disclaimer: (Dependent on the volume of applications, processing time may take longer.)

Additional Notes

All supporting documents being submitted inclusive of the photo must be clear and in focus, legible, and in color.  Photos should be taken against a light grey, cream, or white background; and captured within one (1) month of submission.  You should have neutral facial expression (mouth closed, no teeth showing), and your face and ears should not be obstructed by hair or any face coverings, when taking your photo.  Photos must be face front and free of shadows, background objects, glasses/sunglasses, and hats/head coverings (unless required for religious reasons).

All documents in a foreign language should be translate, notarized, and apostilled (legalized) by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs in relevant home country.

All letters or official documents should be addressed as follows:    


Registrar General

Civil Registry & Passport Office

1st Floor, Sakal Place 

Road Town, Tortola 

Virgin Islands



All employment letters must be on the company’s official letterhead, dated and signed; and must include the employee’s position, monthly/annual salary and start date of employment.

All bank references must be on the financial institution’s official letterhead, dated, signed, and bear the stamp or seal of the financial institution.  Bank references must include the holder’s account number with all but the last four (4) digits covered, the type of account, the date that the account was opened, the holder’s current balance, and the average balance for the past six months.

The Civil Registry & Passport Office reserves the right to request additional documentation deemed necessary in order to make a decision on any application for a visa.


Department Contact Information

Civil Registry & Passport Office
Civil Registry and Passport Office
First Floor, Sakal Place
#286 Walter James Francis Drive
Wickham's Cay
Road Town, Tortola
Virgin Islands (British) VG1110
Tel: 284 468-3036          
Virgin Gorda Branch 
Hazel Point Building 
The Valley
Virgin Gorda,
Virgin Islands (British) VG1150
Tel:  284 468-6058
Business Hours:

8:30am to 4:30pm

Email Address: