This service is for residents that meet all the requirements for Naturalisation as a British Overseas Territory Citizen (BOTC).


Step 1:  Applicant collects application form, checklist and language requirement.

Step 2:  Applicant receives an interview appointment date for the submission of application and required documents.

Step 3:  Applicant attends interview and is screened by the interview officer and checks are made for the required documents. If the application is incomplete or more documents are required the applicant is advised of this during the interview. The application is then returned to the applicant and advised to schedule another appointment to return the application.

Step 4:  If the application is complete and all the required documents have been presented, the application is accepted for processing.

Step 5:  Applicant receives a guide which summarises the legal requirements for applying for naturalisation. (This guide states what happens after the application is submitted)

Step 6:  An application fee is collected from the applicant.

Step 7:  A receipt is issued to applicant as evidence of payment.

Step 8:  Application is forwarded for review and approval.

Step 9:  Once approved, a Naturalisation Certificate is issued for the applicant.

Step 10:  Applicant is contacted and informed of the decision, the place and time of the swearing and ceremony.

Step 11:  Applicant attends Naturalisation Ceremony and takes the Swearing of Oaths of Allegiance/ Pledge of Loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen.

Step 12:  Applicant receives Naturalisation Certificate as a British Overseas Territory Citizen.

Supporting Documents

• Birth Certificate of applicant
• Mother/Father/Spouse/Step-father/grandfather/grandmother Birth Certificate (if applicable)
• Death Certificate (if applicable)
• Belonger Card/Residence Certificate/Card
• Marriage certificate (if applicable)
• Letter of Financial Support
• Employment Letter
• Current and Expired Passports
• Spouse Passport (if applicable)
• Local and Foreign Police Records
• Trade Licence (if applicable)
• Naturalization Certificate (if applicable)
• Certificate of Good Standing – Inland Revenue
• Certificate of Good Standing – Social Security
• Newspaper Clippings
• Photos (3)

Method of Applying

In Person

Turn Around Time

6 months