Press Release

Virgin Islands Shipping Registry
Release Date:
Tuesday, 19 April 2016 - 12:30pm

The newly established category one Virgin Islands Shipping Registry (VISR) continues to make strides with the registration of vessels, including those operating and based in the British Virgin Islands.

The department recently participated in the dedication ceremony of the ‘Dream Mover’, the newest addition to the fleet of the locally owned New Horizon Ferry Service Limited.

Acting Director of the Virgin Islands Shipping Registry, Captain Raman Bala said the owners chose to register the vessel with the Virgin Islands Shipping Registry and they were involved from the planning stage of the project.

Captain Bala said, “We were able to provide technical advice on the maritime regulations that would apply to the vessel as well as the documentation required for registration. With proper planning, all the necessary documentation in regards to the Dream Mover was facilitated and copies provided to VISR.”  

He said this collaboration reduced the cost to the company, and that the VISR Marine Inspector was also present in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands at the vessel’s arrival to complete the certification so that it could sail to the British Virgin Islands.

Captain Bala added that it would be advantageous for the prospective buyers of ships to meet with the officers of the VISR and obtain information that could help in alleviating concerns including costs. The owners were congratulated and presented with a Red Ensign Flag.

The ‘Dream Mover’ is owned and operated by Mr. Sendrick Chinnery and Mr. Gerald Chinnery of Jost Van Dyke. It is a multi-purpose cargo ship capable of carrying passengers, containers, cars, lorries, fuel, water and cargoes in bulk.

The vessel is over 75 feet, has a wide breadth and shallow draft. It is anticipated that the ship will serve every area in the Virgin Islands.

Mr. Sendrick Chinnery said the vessel would be used to supply goods and material to Jost Van Dyke, as well as provide a car ferry service to Tortola every Friday. He also thanked the Director and Registrar of the VISR for their department’s proactive and valuable role in the purchase, certification and registration of the vessel.

The Virgin Islands Shipping Registry seeks to ensure that Virgin Islands ships can safely, securely and efficiently enjoy the freedom of the seas, and the department also supports an effective and vigorous Maritime Administration.