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Department of Waste Management

14 November 2017 - 3:26pm

The Department of Waste Management is seeking the cooperation of drivers of heavy equipment, especially trucks for hire to properly dispose of garbage.

Manager, Mr. Greg Massicote said that some persons who are being contracted to remove garbage from private property and businesses are dumping waste collected at the bins and it is causing a problem for the department.

“The bulky waste being dumped is blocking the bins, causing the surrounding to be unsightly, interfering with traffic, and contributing to the proliferation of vector. This practice also inhibits the bin from being emptied which further compounds the problem”, Mr. Massicote said.

Heavy equipment operators are encouraged to take galvanize, white goods and other storm debris to Cox Heath while all other household waste should be taken to the incinerator located in Pockwood Pond.

 “As we continue the recovery process we have to continue to work together. Heavy equipment operators play a significant role and aid tremendously in the debris management process. I want to continue to urge operators to do their part and to do the right thing”, the Manager said.

The Department of Waste Management is committed to ensuring that the natural beauty of the Territory is enhanced by utilising state of the art waste management technology to ensure timely collection, disposal and where possible the recycling of waste.


Natasha Lettsome

Marketing and Communications Manager
BVI Health Services Authority
Telephone: 852-7655

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