Press Release

Premier's Office
Release Date:
Wednesday, 1 June 2016 - 4:00pm

Members of the community were on the move at yesterday's opening ceremony of the Queen Elizabeth II Park (QEII Park) and children's playground.

Premier and Minister of Finance, Dr. the Honourable D. Orlando Smith, OBE, in remarks at the opening said work on the project commenced during his last administration where the perimeter of the park was enclosed and land reclamation was improved. He said the property is completely transformed into a fully functional green space and recreational park for all to enjoy.

Premier Smith stated that as a tourism attraction, the park is a vital link for visitors who wish to explore and enjoy Road Town. This he said will result in further economic stimulus with spending in businesses and services in the Road Town area.

The Premier added, “The QEII Park is a part of my Government’s vision for revitalising Road Town and ensuring that activities in the city reflect its economic and historic importance. The QEII Park is also part of our wider vision to improve the quality of life for all residents in this Territory, and helping to make Road Town pedestrian and environmentally friendly.” 

Premier Smith said that the QEII Park is not just another beautiful place, and its value as a functional green space within our community is immeasurable.

He said, “I anticipate that it will serve our community with many benefits including health benefits - both mental and physical; as well as social and even economic benefits. With the opening of our renovated children’s playground, we are encouraging our little ones to move at an early age, and keep moving. By doing this, we are taking bold steps to reduce the instances of childhood obesity in future generations.”

His Excellency the Governor John S. Duncan, OBE, congratulated the Premier and the Government on the occasion of the official opening of the park and children’s playground in this special year of Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday.

Governor Duncan said the newly renovated children’s playground is upgraded with more activities that will keep the children engaged and also create a safe place for them to play.

He added, “This facility is one of which we should all be proud, visitors and residents alike. Our pride should extend to how we treat the facility and do our part to maintain its beauty.”

Minister for Communications and Works, and Representative for the Fourth District, Honourable Mark Vanterpool expressed his support and congratulations to Premier Smith for the vision of the Queen Elizabeth II Park and the added-value that it brings to the city of Road Town.

The Queen Elizabeth II Park celebrations featured aerobics demonstrations by Afya Fitness Centre, Zumba demonstrations by Mrs. Doneisha Maduro Findlay, along with children’s dance demonstrations by Nouveau Royale Dance Studio and Adagio Dance Studio.