Premier's Office
Release Date:
Thursday, 12 February 2015 - 11:30am

Statement By Premier And Minister Of Finance Dr. The Honourable D. Orlando Smith, OBE
During The Third Sitting Of The Fourth Session Of The Second House Of Assembly

Of The Virgin Islands 
Thursday, 12th February, 2015

10:00 A.M.

Payment of Performance Increments for Public Officers

Madame Speaker, at this time I wish to make a statement on the payment for performance increments for public officers.

In 2014 when many countries experienced financially rigorous times, and governments began to cut their costs by downsizing public offices and jobs, the Government of the Virgin Islands committed to deploying strategies and initiatives to improve the financial and economic future of this country.   

As the Government introduced its Medium-Term Fiscal Plan, to achieve fiscal sustainability and economic growth, a decision was made to momentarily defer the payment of the 2013 increments.  

This decision was made to ensure that public officers remained employed and their salaries were maintained.

A year later, the Territory’s fiscal projections reflect growth and stability, with that said Government has strategically prepared for this fiscal year.  Such preparations include the continued payment of public officers’ salaries. 

Compensation for public officers will reflect close to half of the 2015 operating expense, which takes into consideration the payment of officers’ 2013 performance increments.   

Madame Speaker, the payment of increments will begin by end of February 2015 until all eligible officers are paid their 2013 increments.   

When this is complete increments for 2014 will be addressed.

Madame Speaker, I commend public officers who in the face of service and industry challenges continue to make significant contributions to Public Service and the Territory by demonstrating ingenuity and professional strength.

Ministries and Departments are encouraged to be even more efficient and committed to delivering goods and services to our clients as we collectively work towards the continued growth and advancement of this Territory.