Office of the Governor
Office of the Deputy Governor
Department of Disaster Management
Release Date:
Wednesday, 25 September 2019 - 9:58am

I never thought such a valuable experience could be had with the enabler being a disaster. As a professional but more critically, as a man who loves this Territory, I was moved by the visible love for the BVI expressed through a caring and attentive community; even through the uncertainty of the past storms. We still have an active hurricane season and we must all Be Ready and Stay Ready.

The zeal for the safety of the BVI seen through the NDMC, NEOC, and the DDM team was remarkable and should be benchmarked. Being advised, led and supported by Mrs. Sharlene Dabreo-Lettsome MBE, Dr. Evangeline Innis-Springer, Mr.  Jason Penn, Ms. Sheniah Armstrong and the full working team at the DDM was a pleasant and rewarding experience. All essential workers and private sector counterparts were proactive, attentive and demonstrated the true meaning of being ready. I extend a special thank you to the Public Works Department, BVIEC, the Department of Water and Sewerage and all other essential workers including the team at Government Information Services (GIS) for ensuring the public was informed with timely information.

I must conclude by exposing the partnership the Premier and I had making decisions in the best interest of the people of the Virgin Islands. These decisions were made with a “better safe than sorry” mantra and with our consistent approach to managing hazard impacts and disasters which involves being cautious, caring, responsible and to always Be Ready. I thank him and his Cabinet for their leadership and support during this period

Please be safe as we traverse today and May God continue to bless our beautiful Virgin Islands.

Thank you all.