Office of the Governor
Release Date:
Sunday, 26 July 2020 - 4:21pm

Greetings to all in these Virgin Islands.

Many of us were jolted out of a Sunday routine by a 4.03 magnitude earthquake. The final report from Territory partners at the Puerto Seismic Network indicates that the centre of the earthquake was approximately 32 kilometres north of Road Town, or approximately 20 miles away, and that the strongest shaking was felt by persons on the island of Virgin Gorda.

This morning’s earthquake serves as a reminder that we are living in a region that is prone to seismic activity such as earthquakes. I would take the opportunity to remind all in our community that the safest thing to do during an earthquake is to drop, cover and hold on until the shaking stops. I understand that in the moment it may difficult to remain calm, which is why it is important that we all practice dropping low to the ground and away from windows and exterior walls, covering under a sturdy surface if possible, and holding onto our shelter until the shaking stops at each and every earthquake. If evacuation is necessary, such as in the case of a tsunami advisory, persons should move to their designated safe zone only after the shaking stops.

This morning’s quake is also a reminder that these events occur with no warning, so we need to be ready as a matter of routine.

As the Atlantic Hurricane Season is already upon us, I would further encourage all residents to ensure that they have completed any seasonal preparedness activities around the home, such as restocking emergency kits, having shelter in place supplies on hand, and inspecting their property to identify any outstanding clearing or maintenance that should be carried out urgently.

Please continue to be vigilant and do your part to protect your family and businesses. Take care of each other.    

Thank you and may God bless and protect this Territory.