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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 - 5:45pm

On 18th December 2017, BVI Finance in conjunction with the Government’s Committee to Revitalize Financial Services, initially made an announcement about mounting a Financial Services Opportunities Expo which is now set to take place on 22nd March, 2018.

On 1st March, entrepreneurs and job seekers from around the Territory had a chance to get a taste of life in the Territory’s leading industry at a meet and greet event hosted by BVI Finance. Participants with diverse business and work experience packed Aroma’s for the event, for a chance to hear from those working in the industry and also to meet representatives from various firms that are presently hiring.

Attendees were greeted briefly with remarks by Lorna Smith, OBE, Interim Executive Director of BVI Finance, and Meade Malone, Chairman of the event. Karia Christopher, Director of the Department of Trade, Investment and Consumer Affairs spoke to participants that were exploring entrepreneurial opportunities in and around the financial services industry and encouraged them to see how they can develop jobs through their business ideas to support the Territory’s recovery.

Giving attendees honest insight into their experiences with the industry was a panel of professionals working directly for firms within the sector and one entrepreneur who currently provides services to the sector. Panel members included: Janice Skelton, Managing Director of Newhaven Corporate Services; Kimberly Crabbe-Adams, Senior Associate of Harneys; Helene Marquis, Trust Manager of Trident Trust, and entrepreneur Greg Leacock of GNL Litigation Support and GNL Business Development. Sachkia Barnes of Barnes PR facilitated the discussion.

Throughout the discussion, panellists spoke of the internationally respected brand of the Territory’s financial services industry, its high standards and stressed the importance of dedication to tasks and adherence to international business standards to provide success support in the industry. The panellists also shared the challenges they have experienced and the sacrifices they also had to make to succeed professionally. 

Overall, Smith said that BVI Finance and the broader industry remain excited and optimistic about the potential outcomes from both the meet and greet and the upcoming Expo. “The meet and greet was a bit of a warmup for attendees, and we were happy about the turnout. The room was packed, but more importantly, we had job seekers and entrepreneurs networking and getting comfortable with the industry, while also learning about the opportunities that the Expo will bring.”

Malone said that from early registration and the meet and greet they have collected over 75 resumes that are now being reviewed. “Going into the first event we already knew that there were over 35 firms that were hiring. From the resumes that have been collected, our small team made up of Human Resources professionals within the industry are reviewing those resumes and working to match those with vacancies we have registered.”

Commenting further, Malone shared Smith’s enthusiasm about the Expo and the opportunities to come.  “This is about creating real opportunities for people, and we are looking forward to success on 22nd March at the Expo to push those resumes forward to make a connection that ends in persons being hired or entrepreneurs finding meaningful relationships within our industry.”

At the Expo, participants will have opportunities to speak directly with firms, be interviewed for available positions, attend breakout sessions surrounding professional development in the industry, and a feedback session designed specifically for entrepreneurs. The venue for the event will be announced in the coming days.

As the entire British Virgin Islands continues its journey to recovery after the historic Category 5 hurricanes in September 2017, the Expo aims to help the islands rebuild by facilitating gainful employment. This initiative is from the Committee to Revitalize Financial Services of the Virgin Islands that was established last year. Later this year, similar expos will be planned for the tourism and general business industries.

To pre-register for the Expo, firms, interested job seekers and entrepreneurs may contact BVI Finance at, The Expo is sponsored by ATU, Forge International, Walkers, Harneys, SHRM, Appleby, O'Neal Webster, FFP, Barnes PR, Appleby, Ogier, Carey Olsen, and Patton Moreno & Asvat.

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