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Ministry of Financial Services, Labour and Trade
Work Permits
Release Date:
Monday, 26 June 2023 - 2:19pm

The Government of the Virgin Islands has announced that effective immediately, employers, agents, and Human Resources Managers (HRMs) will now be able to collect renewal work permits on behalf of their employees.

This initiative is part of the ongoing efforts by the Ministry of Financial Services, Labour and Trade to streamline the work permit process, with the aim of making it more convenient for employers and their valuable workforce. The initiative is through the Department of Labour and Workforce Development to enhance the efficiency of the work permit process and improve the ease of doing business in the Territory.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Financial Services, Labour and Trade Honourable Lorna Smith, OBE, is encouraging all eligible businesses to take advantage of this initiative.

Honourable Smith highlighted the importance of providing a seamless experience for both employers and workers acknowledging the pivotal role the Department of Labour plays in supporting the Territory's workforce.

“Allowing employers, agents, and HR Managers to collect renewal work permits on behalf of their employees will enable organisations to optimise productivity by freeing up valuable time and resources for other critical business activities,” Honourable Smith said, adding, “By allowing authorised representatives to collect renewal work permits, the Ministry expects a more efficient and convenient experience for all stakeholders, contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of the Territory.”

Honourable Smith said the decision to authorise employers, agents, and HRMs to collect renewal work permits is based on careful consideration and valuable feedback from customers.

During a consultation meeting held on June 21 with business leaders representing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the Minister mentioned that the matter as actively being considered. She said that recognising the time-consuming nature of administrative procedures for employers and employees, this streamlined process aims to enhance efficiency and convenience while ensuring compliance with established guidelines.

Labour Commissioner, Michelle McLean, explains that this initiative is a testament to the Department's commitment to assisting its customers in fulfilling their workforce management needs. Over the next few months, the Ministry of Financial Services, Labour, and Trade, in collaboration with the Department's management, will explore further policies and procedures to minimise potential delays and improve overall operational efficiency.

To qualify for this initiative, the following criteria must be met:

  • Authorised Representation: Employers, agents, and HRMs must obtain written authorisation from the respective employee to collect their work permit. Written documentation must also be received from the employer, identifying the HRM or agent as the authorised representative of the business.
  • Valid Identification: Employers, agents, and HRMs must provide valid identification, such as government-issued identification cards or company-issued identification badges, when collecting work permits. This requirement ensures a secure and reliable collection process.
  • Employee Presence in the Territory: The employee must be physically present in the BVI during the work permit renewal collection process.
  • Valid Immigration Stamp: The employee must possess a valid immigration stamp in their passport, which must be presented during the collection of the work permit.
  • Recent Passport-Sized Photo: A recent passport-sized photograph, taken within the last six (6) months, must be provided. This photo will be uploaded onto the employee's work permit card.
  • Compliance with Legal Requirements: Employers and employees must comply with all applicable labour laws and policies regarding work permits, including adhering to immigration laws and related legislation.

The Department of Labour and Workforce Development remains dedicated to offering solutions that foster a favourable business environment while prioritising the well-being and interests of both employees and employers.

For more information on the streamlined work permit renewal collection process, please contact the Department of Labour and Workforce Development at 468-4707/4708/9960 or by email at





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