Press Release

BVI Finance
Release Date:
Wednesday, 11 November 2015 - 5:00pm

The Financial Services Implementation Unit (FSIU) is moving to enhance the operation of relevant government departments as part of the BVI Forward campaign designed to transform the financial services industry.

The reform of immigration and labour is one of the 10 priority initiatives identified in the financial services consultancy facilitated by global consultancy firm, McKinsey & Company.

Delivery Specialist at the FSIU, Mrs. Monique Hodge-Bell and Data Specialist, Mrs. Aida Biberic met recently with senior officials of the Department of Immigration to engage in a process mapping exercise. A similar meeting was held with senior officials of the Department of Labour, following which the department shared its process map for review by the FSIU.

Mrs. Hodge-Bell explained, “Process Mapping is a problem-solving learning exercise that will allow the departments to engage in self-directed change. That is, by examining their own processes, it is likely the departments will identify things that can be changed to offer an improved service.”

She added, “What we are trying to do here is to get a full understanding of how the processes work, the various steps an application goes through from the time it is submitted to the point of approval or denial of that request. This exercise will allow for the identification of inefficiencies in the processes and we will then work collaboratively with the departments to eliminate those.”

The ultimate objective is to improve the functioning of both departments through improved efficiency, provide a better service to customers and ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Chief Immigration Officer Mr. Ian Penn and Labour Commissioner, Mrs. Janice Rhymer embraced the opportunity to work collaboratively and initiate improvements.

Mr. Penn said, “The need for coordination and collaboration of the immigration and labour departments will assist in the rendering of more efficient services to meet the demands of the changes in our Territory.”

Expressing similar sentiments Mrs. Rhymer said, “It is useful to critically examine our processes and determine ways to improve them. To do this jointly with the immigration department means that we can better streamline our processes for the benefit of our customers.”

Director of the FSIU, Mr. Kedrick Malone has commended the management teams of both departments as well as the Board of Immigration for their commitment to work together to achieve the desired results. He underscored the need for the changes need to become institutionalised and remain in place long after the FSIU would have completed its mandate.

Mr. Malone highlighted the collaboration with immigration and labour during an address to members of the BVI Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association at their recent business connection luncheon.

“I am pleased that the leaders of the departments are fully on board with transforming their institutional frameworks and are playing a key role in creating the recommendations for change,” he said.  “Our objective at FSIU is to work collaboratively with the department heads and their teams so that everyone understands why the changes in processes are critical to the viability of the financial services industry, and in turn the Territory.”

The process mapping exercise for both departments will result in recommendations to the Immigration and Labour Initiative Working Team, chaired by Initiative Sponsor, Mr. Gerard Farara, QC and which is charged with proposing action plans in keeping with the findings of the industry consultancy facilitated by McKinsey.

After considering the FSIU proposals, Mr. Farara will make recommendations to the BVI Forward Steering Committee chaired by the Honourable Premier, which then considers them before making a submission to Cabinet for final decision.