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Central Statistics Office
Release Date:
Friday, 10 January 2020 - 5:15pm

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is said to be working diligently on plans to commence the 2020 Population and Housing Census in June of this year.  

Director of Central Statistics Office, Mr. Raymond Phillips said that the census represents the most extensive and comprehensive database at the country’s disposal as it reveals issues relating to the characteristics of the population and housing stock that merit further investigation by Government.

Mr. Phillips said, “It is used to compare the country’s soci-economic situation with those of other countries, especially countries in the Caribbean. It is only through this data that we can see where we need to concentrate our efforts and hence improve our conditions.”

While addressing confidentiality concerns, Mr. Phillips said the Central Statistics Office is bound by confidentiality clauses as outlined in the Statistical Act, 2005.

 “Persons should not be reluctant to cooperate with our census officers as the strictest confidence is applied to the data we collect.” He explained, adding, “This data is not shared with any other Government agency as the Statistical Act prohibits this type of data sharing.”

The director spoke about the progress the department has made in the preparation stage, stating that its internal coordination committee has been activated and has commenced the public education component of the census campaign.

“Information has already been posted on our Facebook page and we launched the 2020 Census slogan competition in the Territory’s schools. The public can expect a comprehensive public education campaign as we continue to share the social and economic benefits of doing the census exercise,” he said.

Persons interested in becoming enumerators (census officer) are invited to express their interest by submitting applications to the Central Statistics Office. Applications are available on the Government’s website, or at the East Atrium on the third floor of the Ralph T. O’Neal Administration Building.

The conducting of the 2020 population and housing census is done in close collaboration with the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Information produced from the census will provide baseline information for Government’s policy makers to make better informed decisions regarding the Territory’s social, demographic and economic conditions.


  • Photo -   Director of Central Statistics Office, Mr. Raymond Phillips


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