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An employee has to give his employer a medical certificate of illness no later than the second day of illness.


The only time the prison can lawfully hold a person is following a committal by the court, at that point they are remanded into prison custody and are handed over by the Police. The only exception to this rule is in immigration cases whereby the immigration service will issue a holding warrant and the person.

The Annual Environmental Education Summer Programme is held in the month of July.

Before it happens! Timing is everything in the news business. If you contact us after the fact, it is usually too late to garner media interest. The more time we have in advance of the news, the more effective we can be. Public Relations can work with you to determine if external media may be interested and to plan an appropriate outreach strategy. If you contact us with news at the last minute, we may still be able to help, but we ask that you bear in mind that much of the news coverage that we read, see or hear was planned well in advance. 

An application for registration should be submitted to the Board through the Registrar of the NPO at the Ministry of Health and Social Development: First Floor, West Atrium Central Administration Complex, 33 Admin Drive, Road Town, Tortola, VG1110, Virgin Islands (British).