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The owner/proprietor should visit the Environmental Health Division to sign for their food establishment licence and collect it.  The licence must be displayed in a conspicuous area of the food establishment visible to the patrons.

i.   Ensure that a purchase order is received prior to providing goods and or services.

ii.  Submit invoice on time.

During your probationary period your employer is expected to ensure that you are given orientation and guidance on how your job should be done and how you should conduct yourself at the job. Your employer should inform you of the company’s human resources policies, its administrative procedures and health and safety policies. Your employer should also provide supervision and regular feedback on your performance.

If your belongers card is damaged, you may bring it to the Civil Registry & Passport Office immediately and apply for a new one. Your belongers card is a valuable document. Keep it safe at all times and be sure it does not get lost, stolen or damaged. It is designed to cope with normal wear and tear.
1) Contact the principal of the school. 2) If you are still dissatisfied with the handling of the complaint, you may speak with the Chief Education Officer.