Internal Position No.: 
RDA 05 of 2019

Organisational Background

The Government of the Virgin Islands in collaboration with the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) invites qualified and professional applicants to apply for the position of Economist.

  1. Compile and analyse economic data in order to produce reports and inputs into programme and project planning.
  2. Provide and manage specialist input and advice on economic costs and benefits into planning.
  3. Support recruitment of and manage technical experts on economic analysis recruited for specialist projects coordinating their contribution to the planning team.
  4. Provide economic and financial rigor to the production of statement of requirements in collaboration with Ministries.
  5. Provide specialist financial and economic analysis in support of the Business Case process.
  6. Formulate the economic case for programmes and projects, and design and monitor the framework for ensuring value for money.
  7. Support on-request contract evaluation in accordance with the procurement policy.
  8. Compile and coordinate collection of reports and data for the Internal Audit process.
  9. Assist in the design and maintenance of monitoring and evaluation frameworks for individual project delivery.




Closing Date: 
Friday, 31 May 2019
Vacancy Listing: