Overtime Claim

A monetary entitlement paid to designated Ministries and Departments officers, for work done outside of the normal working hours.

Reallocation of Funds

Reallocation of Funds is the transfer of funds between votes in accordance with the established rules and guidelines.

Compensation Claims

Compensation Claims are Government’s liability to persons for damages to vehicles, equipment, boats, and property land encroachment etc.

Accident Report

A report on incident(s) that occured on Government owned vehicles from Ministries and Departments.

Supplementary Budget

Supplementary Budget is the request for additional funds by Ministries and Departments during the course of the year.

Release of Purchase Order (PO)

Release of PO is the authorization of available funds on hold by the Ministry of Finance to Ministries and Departments.

Purchase of Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins are coins that can be purchased from the Ministry of Finance Procurement Unit.

Public Auction

Public Auction is the selling of goods by the Government, through a bidding process.

Tendering Process

According to the VI Public Finance Management Regulation 2005, goods or services or construction works, value equal to one hundred thousand dollars (US $100,000) or greater are procured via public tender process.