To provide financial assistance to individuals to enable the pursuit of tertiary level education both locally and abroad. To also reward the outstanding scholastic achievement of students at the secondary school level.


Step 1:  Individual submits application and required documents to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Step 2:  The unit sends the individual a letter acknowledging receipt of the application and may request additional information if needed.

Step 3:  The Scholarship Committee meets (between January and May) after reviewing the applications to have interviews with the applicants.

Step 4:  The applicant is notified of the decision.

Step 5:  If not approved they can reapply.

Step 6:  If approved the Scholarship Unit prepares the bond.

Step 7:  The applicant then comes in and signs the bond with a surety.

Step 8:  The Individual collects the cheque then goes off the College/University.

Step 9:  During the Individual's study, further cheques are issues and collected.

Step 10: At the end of each semester, the individual has to arrange for the sending of transcripts from the College to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Step 11: The Individual has to maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Step 12: If the individual’s GPA falls below 3.0, they receive a warning letter (after 3 warnings their scholarship may end).

Step 13: If the individual’s GPA is higher than 3.0 they receive a recommendation letter.

Step 14: The individual must submit a request letter if:
             a) They want to change their major or College
             b) They want to defer the scholarship to another start time
             c) They need more time to complete their studies.

Step 15: Once their studies are completed the Individual must notify the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Step 16: Once they have returned to the territory, they can apply for work through the Human Resources Department.

Step 17: For a 4 year scholarship the individual must work in the territory for 6 years.

Step 18: The Scholarship Unit keeps track of all scholarship recipients.

Supporting Documents

Birth Certificate
CXC Results
High School Diploma
Passport Size Picture
Proof of Citizenship of Parents
Acceptance Letter from College
Reference Letters 

Method of Applying

In person with the application form or mail

Turn Around Time

Varies depending on outcome of decision

Department Contact Information

Ministry of Education and Culture

Ministry of Education and Culture
P.O. Box 72 Wickham’s Cay 1
Road Town, Tortola
Virgin Islands (British) VG1110 

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday  
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Email Address:

Telephone: 1(284) 468-2151
​Fax: 1(284) 468-3343