"Oh, Beautiful Virgin Islands"

The Virgin Islands' Minister for Education and Culture, the Hon. Myron V. Walwyn announced in December 2011 that the BVI government would hold a "Territorial Song and Dress Competition. Minister Walwyn expressed that his government wanted to adopt a territorial song and dress that embodied who we are as a people and also provided a greater sense of identity.

An open presentation of the finalists for the Territorial Song and Dress Competition was hosted by the government which was held at the Eileen L. Parsons Auditorium (named in honour of the Chairlady of the Territorial Song and Dress Committee)

Former Culture Minister, Ms. Eileene L. Parsons was chosen to spearhead the ad hoc Committee on Territorial Song. Three songs were chosen as the finalists: Virgin Islands, Land I Love", "Wonder of Creation: The Beautiful Virgin Islands" and the winning song. Members of the public were then invited to vote online for their preferred song.

History: "Oh, Beautiful Virgin Islands" was officially adopted in the House of Assembly on the 24th July 2013. It was written by Ayana Hull and the melody by Ayana Hull & Kareem Hull. The song was recorded by Deanna Wattley.


Out of the huts of history’s pain
Our ancestors bled and died!
But with strength and will power we overcame
To restore Virgin Islands pride!
To preserve your beauty we devised a plan 
To retain ownership of your precious lands!
Educating your people is the golden key
To maintain the success of this Territory!


We shall protect your bountiful shores
And uphold your dignity!
We shall fight to preserve your culture
Your splendour and integrity!
And we shall never fail to understand
How blessed we are to possess this land!
So we shall unite standing proud and tall
Let none divide us, lest we fall!

Oh how radiant are your daughters!
And how wealthy are your sons!
Your beaches boast your beauty!
And your success is second to none!
Green and brilliant are your hillsides!
They replenish our hopes and pride!
Oh Beautiful Virgin Islands!
Your qualities can never be denied!


May God richly bless this country!
May we ask three things of thee…
Courage for our great leaders
That they may rule our destiny!
We ask for wisdom for our people 
That we may live in harmony!
And understanding for children
So they may cherish this legacy!