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Accommodation Capacity, Average Length of stay and Hotel Occupancy Rate 2010-2014

This table shows the type of accommodation widely used by visitors, the capacity, as well as average length of stay in the B.V.I. 2010-2014

Vistor Arrivals by Category of Visitor

These tables show visitor arrivals by category of visitor and months of arrivals disseminated in individual year table 2010-2015

Visitor Arrivals by Geographic Region of Residence

This table shows visitor arrivals to the VIs by geographic region for 2010-2013

Visitor Arrivals by Mode of Travel

This table is a six year time series (2010-2015) of visitor arrivals to the Virgin Islands by the major mode of travel

Overnight Visitors by Month

This table is a six year time series (2010-2015) of tourist (overnight visitors) by month

Overnight Visitors by Type of Accommodation 2010-2014

This table shows the number of overnight visitors that enter the Virgin Islands and their place of accommodation for the period 2010-2014

Cruise-ship Calls to the Virgin Islands 2010-2015

This table shows the number of cruise ships visiting the B.V.I. by month for the period 2010-2015