The help of victims and witnesses in reporting crime and giving evidence at court is crucial in bringing those responsible to justice. However, we know that giving evidence can be a daunting experience and the Office of the DPP work closely to support you though the court process, helping you to give your best evidence. We are constantly striving to improve our service and create a better experience for victims and witnesses. This page lays out the service you should expect from us as a victim or witness and the instances when you may be entitled to an enhanced service, for instance giving evidence from behind screens.


Anyone who has been a victim of crime and has made a statement to the police also has the opportunity to make a Victim Impact Statement, in which they can explain how they have been affected by the crime, such as emotionally, physically, psychologically or financially.

This personal statement then becomes part of the case papers and is seen by the police, defence lawyers, magistrates and judges at court. The ODPP takes into account what the victim has said when we make decisions on the case and ensure that, where appropriate, the court is aware of the contents.  We can do this be reading the statement out in court.  The statement can better help the court with understanding the impact that the crime has had on the victim and in some circumstances can be considered in sentencing.


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