Information Customers needs to know



Step 1: If there is a recurring issue concerning Water Use, Conservation and/or Waste Water steps will commence to educate/inform the public.

Step 2: The Director will consult with the necessary internal Division to inquire about and/or investigate the issue.

Step 3: Once the Division's investigation is finished it will write a report and submit to the Director.

Step 4: Based on the information provided a press release/notice will be created.

Step 5: If it is a large issue, the Government Information Service may be contacted to prepare the press release.

Step 6: If it is a small issue, the internal Public Relation Officer would prepare the press release.

Step 7: The press release/notice is then issued to the public.

Step 8: The notice may also be printed on the water bills.


Step 1: A Customer may contact the Dept. regarding a water related issue on private property or an Officer of the Dept. may see an issue.

Step 2: In any case an Officer would investigate the issue.

Step 3: Based on issue the Officer would work with the Customer to address the issue.

Step 4: Internal steps may be taken to address the issues or the Customer may be informed of what they can do address the issue themselves.

Step 5: If the situation gets worse the Department may proceed to isolate that customer connection from the main distribution system, until the issue is resolved.

Step 6: If the Customer requests the assistance of the Department on private property, this may be done at minimal cost.

Method of Applying

In person

Turn Around Time

The Turn Around varies for this service

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