In addition to the completed application form and cover letter outlining the business intent, everyone should submit one passport sized photo; British Virgin Islanders should submit a copy of their birth certificate, picture page and page 4 of their BVI passport; belongers’ or naturalized citizens should submit their belongers’ certificate/card or naturalization certificate; all other persons (non-belongers) should submit (i ) the picture page of their passport  (ii) two character references, (iii) financial statement/bank reference, and (iv) police record.


  • Citizens and/or Bodies corporate registered in the British Virgin Islands and any of the following:
  • United Kingdom and it's Crown Dependencies and OverseasTerritories;
  • Nationals of and bodies corporate incorporated in;
  • Member State of the European Community (EC) or European Economic Area (EEA); Overseas Territories of Member of EC or EEA;
  • (Bodies corporate must have a place of business in such MemberState or OverseasTerritory)
  • Bodies corporate incorporated in a MemberState of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) or the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) (and registered in the BVI.)

There are two cases where more simple development applications can be reviewed and approved within the department. These generally include subdivisions up to five parcels and residential developments up to five units.


According to tradition, interest/ownership in a British Ship is divided into 64 Shares. A vessel is entitled to be registered, if a majority of the interest (at least 33 of the 64 shares) is owned by qualified persons (individuals or Bodies Corporate). Foreign persons may own a minority interest (up to 31 of the 64 shares) in the ship; or register ship under a qualified company owned by them.

Before it happens! Timing is everything in the news business. If you contact us after the fact, it is usually too late to garner media interest. The more time we have in advance of the news, the more effective we can be. Public Relations can work with you to determine if external media may be interested and to plan an appropriate outreach strategy. If you contact us with news at the last minute, we may still be able to help, but we ask that you bear in mind that much of the news coverage that we read, see or hear was planned well in advance. 

The lender, in this case National Bank of the VI makes the final decision on approving or denying a loan.

All appeals should be submitted to the Permanent Secretary, Premier’s Office.  

The Premier of the Virgin Islands is Honourable D. Orlando Smith, OBE