You probably won't get the money all at once.  Please note that the bank will require that you send in purchase orders or invoices before releasing any part of the funds. It is imperative that monies borrowed are used for the purposes for which they were granted. 

Persons who may be affected by the report’s contents and others with a substantial interest in the MSIRA investigation will be given the opportunity to comment of the draft report before final publication.

MSIRA draft reports are issued in confidence. You may only share the contents with an advisor for the purposes of making a formal response in writing to the chief marine accident investigator.

Currently, photocopying is not allowed at the Department.

No, the Department of Trade & Consumer Affairs exists to foster development in the business sector and the wider economy through a clear Trade Policy and processes which are aimed at allowing successful applicants who have met the criteria to be able to start a business without prejudice.  

It's going to take some time and paperwork as getting a loan guaranteed means getting involved with the government; and that means spending some extra time on the paperwork and the overall loan process. A government guaranteed loan will be more paper-intensive and take up to four or more weeks be approved.

The chief marine accident investigator is appointed directly by the governor and the authority is functionally independent from government.

No. The department accepts applications and acts as the Secretary for the Planning Authority for physical development in the territory. The Planing Authority is governed by the Physical Planning Act of 2004. The Development Control section of the department investiagtes and processes each application, currently in accordance with the Land Development Control Guidelines of 1972. Processed applications are forwarded with with recommendations from the Town and Country Planning Department and reviewed by the Planning Authority who makes the decision to approve or disapprove an application.