A locally registered architect or surveyor must file an application for permission inclusive of other required documents. The Town and Country Planning Department then conducts a review, which includes a field visit to the site. The findings along with the application are then sent to the Planning Authority, or dealt with in house.

The Department of Information and Public Relations shares news and information with the media in a variety of ways as it relates to each story. Information Officers write news releases, bulletins and press advisories.  We may also contact key reporters and editors directly to share news and information based on the individual story or event.

If all required documents are submitted with the application, it should take four to six weeks to process.  However, if additional information or an interview is required, you will be contacted by phone with three (3) business day of receipt of your application.


  • After all the required documents, including the certified Carving and Marking Note are returned and the fee paid, the Certificate of Registry is electronically generated and immediately issued.
  • Commercial vessels are required to provide proof that they comply with the rules and regulations relating to safety, pollution prevention and maritime security, as applicable to the type of commercial vessel and operation involved, before registration can be completed.

Provided that all the correct informations is submitted and there are no challenges with the application, all applications usually take at least three to four working weeks to reach a decision. Larger developments or those likely to have significant impacts on the environment usually would take a longer period.

Once a decision has been made on your application, we will inform in writiting.


Of course you can. The Town and Country Planning Department welcomes the opportunity to have pre-submission discussions with developers offer guidance on developments and any other information which might be helpful. Applications can also be made for approval in principle, which requires less information than a full application package.

You probably won't get the money all at once.  Please note that the bank will require that you send in purchase orders or invoices before releasing any part of the funds. It is imperative that monies borrowed are used for the purposes for which they were granted.