No. MSIRA reports may not be used in any proceedings where the purpose, or one of the purposes, is to apportion blame or liability

The Facilities Management Unit will only approve government-related activities and events to be held at the Complex or on the compound. Government agencies that are not located in the Complex and non-profit organizations can write to the Facilities Manager requesting permission to use the compound at least two weeks in advance. The Facilities Manager must also be notified in writing of all events, meetings, or visitation by schools and other entities in advance.

Yes. All structures over 4ft requires a building permit and follows the same application process as a new permit.
No written test is required in order to obtain a temporary driver’s license.

Yes,  but you do need to contact the Department of Human Resources for the official listing. Alternatively you may visit HR Website

Yes. Call Fire Headquarters and ask for the Service Delivery Unit, then make an appointment.

A hardcopy of all drawings are stored on file at the Public Works Department. However, the department does not provide copies of drawings but will allow customers to take drawings to be copied at a place of choice and return to the department.
  • Person must have a valid ID.
  • 18 yrs and over for a Driver's Learners Permit.
  • 16 yrs and over for a Motorcycle Learners Permit.

Step 1: Submit completed Application Form to Fire Headquarters; await response.

Step 2: If you are not eligible for employment, you will be informed. If you are eligible, you will be scheduled to take a written exam.

Step 3: If you are unsuccessful, you will be informed, and you may apply in the future. If you pass, you will be required to undertake a full medical exam (this includes testing for excessive levels of alcohol, 20/20 vision, marijuana, cocaine and other illegal drugs).

Step 4: If the medical indicates an adequate standard of health, you will be scheduled to perform six (6) Strength and Fitness Tests, which must be done within six (6) hours.

Step 5: If you are successful, you will be scheduled for an interview.

Step 7: If you are selected among the top candidates, you will be scheduled to report to Fire Headquarters to commence participation in the Recruits Training Programme.

Step 8: If you are successful, you will perform Fire Officer duties for a three (3) year Probationary period. During that time, you must obtain adequate competencies in Emergency Response, Fire Safety/Fire Prevention and Rescue Techniques. You must also become an internationally certified Emergency Medical Technician.

Step 9: If successful, you will be required to achieve levels of competencies, maintain a high level of discipline and become an internationally certified Emergency Medical Technician before being recommended to the Permanent and Pensionable Establishment.