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House of Assembly
Release Date:
Tuesday, 10 November 2020 - 5:26pm

The Virgin Islands Youth Parliament (VIYP) now has its full cohort of members following the administering of the Oath of Affirmation to three youth parliamentarians who were absent at the official launch in October.

Speaker of the House of Assembly Honourable Julian Willock said that under the revised structure of the Virgin Islands Youth Parliament, its members will have an opportunity to understand in theory and practice the important principles of governance.

He said, “I am very excited that the entire cohort has now been sworn in and now we are ready to go full steam ahead, for they are fired up and ready to go.”

The three members of the VIYP who were recently sworn in and will serve until the end of the Fourth House of Assembly are as follows

Ms. Anika M. Christopher - Minister for Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration;
Ms. Mia M. Lennard - Junior Minister for Trade and Economic Development; and
Mr. Delani Fraser – Public Relations Officer

The Oath of Affirmation was administered by the Clerk of the House, Ms. Phyllis Evans, paving the way for these additional designees to join their other fellow youth parliamentarians and to begin conducting sessions where they can debate topics recommended by the management committee of the VIYP where all the skills learnt in their training can be put on display.

The ceremony was witnessed by Speaker of the House of Assembly Honourable Julian Willock; Junior Minister for Trade and Economic Development and Territorial Member Honourable Shereen D. Flax-Charles, Deputy Speaker and Territorial Member Honourable Neville A. Smith and Minister for Transportation, Works and Untilities and Member for the 5th District Honourable Kye M. Rymer.

A resolution was passed during the Fifth Sitting of the Second Session of the Fourth House of Assembly for the appointment of a Special Select Committee to manage the youth parliament. The committee members are: Honourable Julian Willock (Chairman); Honourable Neville A. Smith; Honourable Kye M. Rymer; Honourable Sharie B. de Castro; Honouable Julian Fraser; Honourable Melvin M. Turnbull; Honourable Marlon A. Penn; and Honourable Shereen D. Flax-Charles. The make-up of the Youth Parliament is in line with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Associations (CPA) guidance on Youth Parliaments across the region.


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