Press Release

Ministry of Finance
Inland Revenue Department
Release Date:
Monday, 13 June 2022 - 4:18pm

The Inland Revenue Department is introducing a new online Tax Receivable System to empower the taxpaying community and enhance tax collections.

The upgraded system, Standard Integrated Government Tax Administration System – SIGTAS 3.0, automates the administration of all taxes and licences.

Commissioner of Inland Revenue Mrs. Karen Smith-Aaron said SIGTAS 3.0 is scheduled to go “LIVE” in February 2023 and the department is about to embark on a public relations campaign to enhance awareness about the new system, to highlight the benefits, and to encourage the advanced re-registration for taxpayers.

“Taxpayers are at the heart of the new system. They are now empowered to view their tax information,” Mrs. Smith-Aaron said.

She said taxpayers will be happy to know of the benefits of the new system, which enables taxpayers to submit a registration form online, print a registration certificate, query accounts online, check unfiled tax periods, follow the status of any pending request, and communicate easily with the tax administration through an embedded messaging centre.”

The Commissioner explained that the priority is the ‘re-registration’ of businesses and the registration of all persons of employable age. This registration will be done via an online link where persons will input relevant information and upload all necessary documents.

“We need all taxpayers on board,” she emphasised, adding, “It is very important that we work together to get the data entered into the system which will make the entire process run more smoothly. Once we get all taxpayers registered, persons will be able to begin paying online when the new tax receivable system goes LIVE in February 2023.”

Mrs. Smith Aaron noted that an official checklist of all the required information will be disseminated to the public when the online registration link goes LIVE by mid-June.

The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is also a key player in the new system’s development and rollout in regards to training and maintenance.

Director of DoIT, Mrs. Annabelle Skelton-Malone said, “My team is proud to work on such a major initiative with Inland Revenue. We want to ensure taxpayers that it is user friendly and we are in place to offer all the necessary support to facilitate the registration.”

Both IRD and DoIT are under the remit of the Ministry of Finance. Deputy Financial Secretary (Ag.) Mr. Jeremy Vanterpool said the system upgrade is in alignment with Government’s e-government initiative.

He said, “The Ministry of Finance is cognizant that streamlining processes is very important. The upgrade of SIGTAS is just one of the many cogs which will enhance the machinery of Government. We feel very confident that this will bring us the level of efficiency that we need within central Government.”

The public will receive updates on the new system and re-registration drive in the coming weeks. Stay up to date with SIGTAS 3.0, by following the Government of the Virgin islands on Facebook, and visit the website – Alternatively, persons can contact the Inland Revenue Department via telephone 468-2154 or 468-2155.

The Inland Revenue Department is committed to assessing the taxes, licences and fees due to the Government of the Virgin Islands; and applying the tax laws with fairness and integrity in an atmosphere of mutual respect, thus achieving compliance to maintain the economic and social well-being of the Virgin Islands.



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April Glasgow

Information Officer II
Department of Information and Public Relations
Phone: (284) 468-2730