House of Assembly
Release Date:
Friday, 29 March 2019 - 9:22am

I have read His Excellency, the Governor Mr. Augustus Jaspert’s statement dated                                                     

26th  March, 2019 in which he stated his position, after he was advised of the current vacancy for a Fourth District Representative within the House of Assembly. I am also pleased that, His Excellency, the Governor agrees with me about valuing our democracy and the role it plays in good governance and improving the lives of our people.

My position, as outlined in my letter sent to Mr. Mark H. Vanterpool dated 13th March, 2019 remains the same. I have sought and received legal advice from prominent jurists locally, regionally and from the United Kingdom and Canada.

However, because this constitutional matter is weighty, it would be prudent at this juncture to seek the opinion of the courts in the interest of fairness, transparency, and best practice as the Honourable Attorney General, of whom I have the highest respect, has advised myself, the Governor and Mr. Vanterpool of his position.

Let me hasten to say, that whatever the ultimate outcome, I will comply, knowing that the House of Assembly is the place where the rule of law is promoted and practiced.

It is the wish of the House of Assembly that this matter be resolved forthwith, taking into high consideration the will and interest of the residents of the Fourth District.