Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports
Release Date:
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 - 4:16pm


TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2019


Mr. Speaker, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs, Sports, Agriculture and Fisheries, is at the threshold of reopening a number of schools that were under construction since the 2017 hurricanes.  Again, I must convey much gratitude to the Minister of finance, the public servants and the private benefactors who have played a very important role in the rebuilding of our public schools throughout the Territory.

Mr. Speaker, I am happy to provide an update on the public schools that are currently under construction:

Mr. Speaker, the Enis Adams Primary School is being rebuilt through the kind patronage of Mr. Peter Haycraft and family.  Construction work on this school is approximately ninety percent (90%) completed, which includes all work on roof, floors, painting, tile work.  Minor works, including plumbing and electrical finishes and general cleanup, are ongoing and will be completed within the next three weeks.  Mr. Speaker, this is one of our schools that will be completed and ready for handover in August 2019 and in time to receive students for the 2019-2020 school  year.  

Mr. Speaker, restoration of the L-Shaped Building on the campus of the Elmore Stoutt High School continues at a steady pace.  To date, I can report that contractors have completed approximately fifty-five (55%) percent of the work toward completion. 

Mr. Speaker, contracts were signed for the procurement of the windows and doors and both have been ordered.  Door frames are expected to arrive on island within two weeks and doors by the second week of August.  The manufacturing process for windows is expected to be completed by end of July. 

Mr. Speaker, roof work, electrical and HVAC works are well advanced.  Restroom fixtures, including partitions, toilets, urinals and dispensers, are currently being installed.  The installation of lights fixtures is on-going as well as the interior painting of classrooms, and a significant portion of external painting is completed. Mr. Speaker, providing all materials arrive on island within the specified time frame, the L-Shaped building should be ready for handover by September.  

Mr. Speaker, again I am sure everyone can see that there is a significant amount of work completed on the building as contractors continue to work as a united team toward the project’s completion. 

Mr. Speaker, we are keeping our eyes on the procurement of furniture and equipment for schools, which is currently our biggest challenge in meeting our deadlines.  Mr. Speaker, the procurement of furniture and equipment was included in the CDB Recovery Loan and the process is still a work in progress.  We will remain diligent and update the public with ongoing developments. 

Mr. Speaker, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs, fisheries and Agriculture is currently working with the architect to finalize the revised drawings for buildings 2, 3 and 4, the Administrative building, and the Restroom Block at the Bregado Flax Educational Centre Secondary Division campus.

Mr. Speaker, UniteBVI, the private benefactor for building 1, is in the final stages of completion will be ready to handover the building in August 2019. 

Recreational facilities

Mr. Speaker, the works to resurface the Greenland and Purcell Estate basketball courts were completed in the allotted timeframe specified in the contract.

Mr. Speaker, the works to resurface the Capoon’s Bay Basketball/Volleyball Court are approximately ninety percent completed.

Mr. Speaker, the work the works to resurface the Carrot Bay Basketball/Volleyball Court are completed.

Mr. Speaker I thank you.