Office of the Governor
Release Date:
Tuesday, 14 January 2020 - 5:58pm

Statement by His Excellency Governor Augustus J.U. Jaspert
On the Resignation of CEO, Recovery & Development Agency, Mr. Paul Bayly

14th January, 2020

It is disappointing that Paul Bayly is resigning as CEO of the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA). The RDA is incredibly important to BVI’s recovery and development – a top priority for us all – and I sincerely hope that the setback of BVI losing such an experienced and talented CEO does not hamper recovery efforts.

The Government of the Virgin Islands established the Recovery and Development Agency as a dedicated agency to focus on recovery, based on international best practice and working to the Government’s recovery plan. The UK Government has supported the RDA since its creation by co-funding operational costs and projects (such as repairing infrastructure, administration and police buildings across our islands) and has also offered to guarantee loans of up to £300 million.

The hurricanes of 2017 were a terrible time for the Territory. We have made progress since then and I applaud the efforts of businesses, communities, the public service and the RDA on our recovery to date. Whilst we would never have wanted the devastation caused by the hurricanes, they offered us an opportunity to build back ‘Stronger, Smarter, Greener, Better’ and to become a positive example of what an island state in this region can achieve, operating to the highest standards of transparency, accountability and good governance. 

It is disappointing that the RDA has not fully been given the opportunity to realise it’s potential. I therefore understand and sympathise with Mr. Bayly’s decision.

It is vital that the RDA is able to build on Mr Bayly’s achievements. For that, the RDA requires the full support of the Premier and his Ministers so that it can work with Government, bring in funding and deliver transparency, value for money and a full and prosperous recovery for the people of this Territory.

I thank Mr Bayly for his leadership in creating a world class recovery agency and his team at the RDA for all they do to support BVI.  I wish him every success in the future.