Premier's Office
BVI London Office
Release Date:
Friday, 16 March 2018 - 2:56pm

The Government of the Virgin Islands is aware of erroneous misinformation that is being circulated by some persons through different media regarding the Public Service.  

The public is advised that the Government of the Virgin Islands has not sanctioned the removal of any person nor has it cut any department within the Public Service, as irresponsibly communicated by others.

Additionally, there is misinformation that Mr. Benito Wheatley resigned his post as Director of the BVI London Office/UK Representative. The fact is: Mr. Wheatley has made a decision not to renew his contract with the Government of the Virgin Islands which will end in the coming weeks.

The Government continues to be immensely proud of the work that Mr. Wheatley is doing as the Director of the BVI London Office. He has indeed helped to deliver on the Government’s international affairs agenda. Under his leadership, the office continues to be on the frontlines of promoting and protecting the jurisdiction’s financial services sector, representing the BVI on Brexit matters, diplomatically repositioning the Territory; strengthening the BVI’s relationship with the UK at national and local levels and supporting BVI’s citizens in the UK and EU. The position of Director of the BVI London Office is currently being advertised to secure a suitably qualified successor.

Overall, public officers are being encouraged to continue making significant contributions to the Public Service and the Territory by demonstrating ingenuity and professional strength, as we collectively build the BVI stronger, smarter, greener and better.